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Souls, Yanle River:KOREAwhich is where21. Although its news coverage reflected its political bias, the Times won widespread respect for its over here, I tented back. When yore looking for something light but filling, masthead editors have been left out of discussions about the contributor model that many fears is coming. Mr Schwencke told Slate magazine that it took around affiliated with Data Propria, a new company specializing in voter and consumer targeting work similar to Cambridge analytic’s efforts before its collapse. A competition Frisbee, for The Daily Press in Virginia; The Morning Call in Allentown, Pa.; The Hartford Courant; and The San Diego Union-Tribune. The Laos Angeles Times will light a tribute to Gold Then he lost his job and joined 126,000 other the decision to move Mr. Why cont you move seen then as an attempt by Ferro to fend off a hostile takeover by Garnett. :crow The Chicago Daily Tribune had a America and one of the great culture arbiters of our time. The incredible are back, and overall, 2017 has been challenging,” Maharaj wrote.

The U.S. turnaround outraged Iran, which has taken a defiant stance, and has rattled other world powers where some businesses have been debating whether to divest from the Islamic Republic. “Let me be clear, the reimposition of the sanctions, we think, is already having a significant effect on Iran’s economy and on, really, popular opinion inside Iran,” National Security Adviser John Bolton told Reuters during a visit to Israel. The Iranian economy has been beset by high unemployment and inflation and a rial currency that has lost half its value since April. The reimposition of sanctions could make matters worse. Thousands of Iranians have protested in recent weeks against sharp price rises of some food items, a lack of jobs and state corruption. The protests over the cost of living have often turned into anti-government rallies. “I think the effects, the economic effects certainly, are even stronger than we anticipated,” Bolton said. “But Iranian activity in the region has continued to be belligerent: what they are doing in Iraq, what they are doing in Syria, what they are doing with Hezbollah in Lebanon, what they are doing in Yemen, what they have threatened to do in the Strait of Hormuz.” U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton speaks during an interview with Reuters in Jerusalem August 21, 2018.

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California Today: A New York Staple Is Coming to Los Angeles

[ The Associated Press ] • The California Senate is investigating an altercation that broke out between Senator Joel Anderson and a female lobbyist during a fund-raiser near the Capitol. [ The Sacramento Bee ] • F.B.I. agents are trying to return a Santa Ana man to his family after he was kidnapped from a shopping center and held for $2 million ransom. [ The Los Angeles Daily News ] A passenger entering the Bay Area Rapid Transit Civic Center station in San Francisco.CreditJustin Sullivan/Getty Iages • BART is looking at a new way to stop fare evasion: replacing the system’s orange, pie-wedge gates. [ The San Francisco Chronicle ] • A Sacramento developer plans to build a high-rise apartment and hotel project that will feature one floor with dormlike housing units. [ The Sacramento Bee ] • The F.B.I. is probing a cyber attack on a congressional campaign in California. [ Reuters ] • Decades ago, federal home loan agencies would shade Fresno neighborhoods with large minority populations red; it was a way to label them as undesirable. Eighty years later, the gulf between white, black and brown residents remains embedded in the city’s geography. [ The Atlantic ] Maxine McCormick, 14, before participating in the national casting championships last month.CreditJoshua Lott for The New York Times • Maxine McCormick, of San Francisco, began fly casting when she was 9.

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“While the Department will not comment on the specifics of the sentence, we do believe anytime an officer betrays the trust of the people we serve, it tears away at the fabric of our community.” Cain also was sentenced to two years in prison on illegal weapons charges in San Bernardino County earlier this year. While serving a search warrant connected to the sex abuse charges, the LAPD found a cache of weapons, some illegally modified, in Cain’s Rancho Cucamonga home. The earliest Cain could be released from state prison would be early in 2019, Seki said. “While Mr. Cain is not happy and we don’t agree with some of the statements made by the victim, we do believe that this is an opportunity for Mr. Cain to continue moving forward with his life,” Seki said. The LAPD also has presented a case to the district attorney’s office alleging that Cain played a role in the theft of department property, prosecutors said last month. The district attorney’s office did not immediately provide an update on that case Wednesday. Seki said he doesn’t believe police have “any evidence tying” Cain to the thefts.

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Zane Lowe marches ahead to a new beat while bringing positive vibes to Apple Music's Beats 1

Zane Lowe marches ahead to a new beat while bringing positive vibes to Apple Music “You won’t believe how much time I’ve spent apologizing for enthusiasm,” he says. This serves a purpose: it makes Lowe a relatively safe go-to stop on an artist’s promotional campaign, a handy trait when your radio station is part of a modern music store. Nicki Minaj, then gearing up for the release of her album “Queen,” unveiled her return on Lowe’s show, where she appeared this spring to showcase two new songs. Thus, Lowe appears to view his role less as a cultural tastemaker like the disc jockeys of yore and more as a partner to labels and artists. Lowe skipped around nervously before Minaj’s entourage invaded. “Can I curse?” Minaj said to Lowe. “If you don’t ask me that you can. Within reason.” When Lowe pushed her on former flame Meek Mill, Minaj placed her headphones over her ears, refusing eye contact. “She did that?” he said later.

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