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For Christine Blasey Ford, a Drastic Turn From a Quiet Life in Academia

She and her family live in Palo Alto — where she has volunteered for her sons’ schools and junior lifeguard training, has restored her midcentury modern home with an eye toward historical preservation, and has attended Stanford football and basketball games with her family. The family also has a house in Santa Cruz, famed for its beaches and breaks. “She can be quite the academic — someone taken very seriously at a place like Stanford — and then go out and surf with the people of Santa Cruz,” Ms. Stannard said, recalling that Dr. Blasey had taken her and several colleagues surfing, followed by a lunch of fish and chips. Fellow scientists described her as a collaborative researcher and statistician, in demand among graduate students and fellow researchers who sought her more refined writing skills for reports and papers. At the University of Southern California School of Education, she worked for several years in the laboratory, where she developed a test to assess how young children cope with trauma. “She was very meticulous with data, looked carefully at developing children,” Dr. Gayla Margolin, who led the lab, said in an interview. “In doing good science, people have to take in information and reflect it and portray it in a very honest, straightforward way.” Dr.

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Abuja skyline at sunset Image caption Protests followed the collapse of a half-finished multi-storey building in August At the time, the government and residents disagreed over the number of dead, and there were protests when government rescue efforts ended barely 24 hours after the incident, with a number of victims still believed to be buried in the rubble. A few days after the earth tremors, which were felt in different parts of Abuja between 5 September and 8 September, the government released a statement to reassure residents that there was nothing to worry about. Heroes and villains of Nigeria’s parliament siege “We are carrying out adequate steps to determine what happened last week,” said Idris Abass, head of the city’s emergency management agency. “Maybe it is a natural cause, but we want to assure the public that Nigeria is not on the zone of earthquakes.” Back in June 2011, before the UN attack, a Boko Haram militant drove a car into the premises of the police headquarters in Abuja and exploded a bomb that took his life and that of a policeman. Newspaper columns were taken up with analysing how the militant must have killed himself in error – probably a failed attempt to assassinate the police chief whose convoy the militant had tailed as it drove into the premises – as Nigeria was not a place known for suicide bombers. Image caption The bombing of the police headquarters in 2011 is thought to be Nigeria’s first suicide attack Of course, we all know better now, what with the carnage the country has since witnessed over the past few years as Boko Haram attacks have intensified in northern Nigeria. The police headquarters bombing is now regarded as Nigeria’s first suicide bomb attack. A day after Mr Abass’ statement, another government agency published fresh information on the tremors. The National Space and Research Development Agency (NASRDA) assured Abuja residents that there was no cause for alarm, although confirming that an earthquake had indeed occurred.

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